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According to Ipsos Reid, 49% of online Canadians say their views of products and brands are influenced by recommendations of those in their social network.  In addition, 48% of those with a social network profile like or follow at least one brand or company.

But it’s not forever. While a lot of the work is done after the effort is spent getting the consumer to click the like or follow buttons, in that their friends will see the recommendation in various places online, 28% of online Canadians with a profile have removed the like or follow, typically citing a loss of interest.

These numbers skew to the younger crowd, as usual, with about a 2 to 1 ratio for both the follows and unfollows when you contrast the 18-34 set with the over 55s.

Action step: what are you doing to engage your fans once you’ve gotten their recommendation? Are you keeping them happy, engaged, and hopefully entertained, or are you robo-posting meaningless crap, if you’re posting anything at all?  How are you nurturing your relationship with your fans?



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