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Those internets won’t just make themselves

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We don't know these people, but they provide a reassuring sense of calmness.

Thrust Labs has been around since 2001 (no, really, check the whois!) but really got going in the whole “wow, we have an office and staff” sense in January 2011.  We make and maintain mobile apps and websites for clients while we build out interesting bits of code for ourselves, using all kinds of different languages and tools.

We like deadlines. We learned this from the government when they told us to pay our taxes on time or there’d be dire consequences.  It was highly motivating.  If your project doesn’t have a deadline, it clearly isn’t important, and if it’s not important, we’re not going to get an amazing testimonial from you when we finish ahead of schedule, because you didn’t care when we finished and we didn’t get around to it because it didn’t seem to matter.  That’s a failure all around.  Set a deadline.  Give it to us.  Watch us get giddy.

We like to get paid, which means when you work with us, we’re going to be thinking about how to maximize your chances of a high ROI as fast as possible.  Even when we work with non-profits.  You can expect that we’ll have some questions about your business model and things that you might think go beyond the scope of our assignment.  Sometimes this freaks people out, even after we sign an NDA, so we just want to warn you now: we really really really want you to be successful so you can hire us again and again.

We don’t f*ck around. If you want to work with us, be prepared to tell us what you’re looking for, when you need it, and your approximate budget.  Do not ask us “how much would it cost for a basic [whatever.]”  We can make you an app or a website for $8,000 or we can make you one for $40,000.  One will be noticeably better than the other in terms of design, features, and overall functionality, but while we sincerely believe, for your sake, that you should push the limits of what your business plan will support, it’s up to you to figure out that starting point.

Please get in touch and we start our pre-launch check or whatever corny metaphor the boss wants us to use here about thrust and rockets.  Anyway, we can start as early as in the same week, depending on what else is going on when you call.

Now here’s the obligatory bio about a key team member:

Jason Doucette, Founder & Chief Executioner

Jason Doucette has spent more than 20 years developing software for happy customers. Before starting Thrust Labs, Jason spent many years at a major Canadian bank leading the development of call centre software used by thousands of agents across the country. It’s here that he gained the strong focus on project management and flexible technology architecture.

Jason has built innovative solutions for CTVglobemedia, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canwest (now Shaw Media,) Nelvana, and others in areas including custom survey and reporting tools, online radio, secure video delivery, e-commerce, content management, membership systems, and data collection and aggregation. He was also the lead architect for an online event ticketing system used by Rogers and Live Nation as the back end to their Wireless Box Office, North America’s first fully transactional concert ticketing mobile web site.

What? You’re still here? Stalk much?

We kid.  If checked out our work, signed up for our newsletter, and read all the way down to this part of the about page, send us a mail with the subject “Free consult” and we’ll schedule a free 30 minute consultation about your business or organization, the problems you’re facing, and you’ll come out of it with some key action steps to thrust (ha) you forward. (insert your favourite legal disclaimers about one call per person, us not professing to know anything about anything, and whatever else will keep us from getting sued here.)

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