A funny thing happened as we looked at our portfolio...

A prospect was asking for case studies so we took a look through the vault, and that's when we noticed something that had — until that very moment — escaped our notice.

Something that we'd taken for granted, the kind of thing that you'd be more likely to notice the opposite of, but something that, once observed, can't be unseen.

Something that could change everything.

It turns out that in the 14 or so years that Thrust Labs has been around, none of our clients have died.

We can't explain it, which isn't to say that we're ashamed of the fact, because that would be weird.

And maybe our standards-driven approach to software development, our responsiveness to client inquiries, even when it might be bad news, and our focus on accelerating your project have something to do with it.

Who knows? We just found out about this ourselves, and since we're typically booked three to six months in advance, it's not like we have a lot of time to set up a double blind research project on top of writing ridiculous home page copy.

But it was interesting, and it's worth noting. So we did.

Because statistically speaking, your current development team might not have the same track record as we do. We're just saying.

"Work with us if you want to live" was voted down as our new slogan, but by a slim margin. But if you want to get your project up and running faster, and maybe not die, why not drop us a line?

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Or hey, you could go with those other guys. It's your life.