It's hard to find good coders.

You have no idea who's any good, so you latch on to the first (and maybe only) person you find. Let's call him Fred.

You take Fred at his word when he says something can't be done.

Fred's estimates (assuming he even gives you any) are ridiculously off base.

When things get tough and things aren't working, Fred disappears for days - or weeks - at a time.

Fred's explanations sound like a NASA engineer's description of orbital mechanics, which is cool and all, but what does that have to do with your website?

Fred seems to break five things every time he changes something.

Fred sends you his bill, and you have no idea what you're paying for, and how many more invoices you'll get before the job's actually done.

And you keep working with him, even though you hate yourself for it, because wow, was he ever hard to find, and what's the next Fred going to be like?

Trust us, we've met Fred many times. He drives us crazy too, but he doesn't work here.

When you work with Thrust Labs, you'll join some great companies who've gotten tired of Fred and learned there are better ways to do things.

Thrust Labs has been delighting clients since 2004. We've done enough jobs to know what we're good at. If your project isn't in the scope of our expertise, we'll happily tell you, even if it means passing on a big opportunity.

Because here's the thing: we started off as Freds too. But we took the time to get better. And we're not going back.

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